Introduction to the non-profit association “Friends of the Belgian Guides Band”

The non-profit association “Friends of the Belgian Guides Band” (AMRG-VKMG) was founded in 1989 at the initiative of the band’s former conductor Major Yvon Ducène and the protocol department of the general staff of Defense. It is a non-profit organization created to promote the artistic emanation of the Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides and defend its moral and material interests.
Belgian Guides Band (© Daniel Orban)
Consequently, the association is active in numerous fields that you will discover when you have a closer look at the different pages of this website. Our activities include the commission, premiere performance and recording of works by Belgian composers, the organization and support of concerts in Belgium and abroad, the realization of compact discs and the encouragement of young talented Belgian artists.

As to finances, the association is completely independent and its profits are mainly used to produce compact discs of the band.

The association is administered, in accordance with the law concerning the non-profit organizations, by a board of directors which entrusts the executive board (called Bureau) with the daily management. The effective members participate in the decisions by means of the yearly general assembly.

The head office is located at 1050 Ixelles, rue du Tabellion 9 in the judicial district of Brussels.

The articles of association and by-laws are available in French (statuts & ROI) and Dutch (statuten & huishoudelijk reglement).