The finances of the NPO

The Association is totally independent, except for a small working subsidy granted by the Belgian Defense which allows to be recognized by Royal Decree as a cultural institution. Consequently, all gifts above 40 Euro paid on the account BE96 0012 2399 5005 are tax-deductible.

As Defense obliges the NPO contractually to organize its gala concert for the benefit of a social work of the military community and possibly also for other charitable works chosen by the Association, the concert never yields any profit… on the contrary sometimes even a loss.

Due to this situation, the principal financial sources of the NPO result (in order of size) from:

  • The generosity of the numerous donors who, by granting a gift, express their interest in the activities of the association;
  • The sale by the Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides of compact discs produced at our initiative;
  • The royalties from the sale of compact discs directly sold by the publishing house;
  • The modest interest yielded by the savings account and Belgian shares;
  • The sale of the book with the History of the Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides.

Needless to say that, due to the decrease of the sales of compact discs and subsequently the decrease of royalties, the Association mainly depends on gifts to finance its activities.