Composition of the board of directors
(mandate of 4 years) and of the executive board*

End of the Mandate Name, fonction Executive
2028 Mr Jean-Paul DECONINCK, Major General Retd, President *
2025 Mr Jean-Yves STOCQ, Honorary Res Lieutenant-Colonel, Secretary *
2028 Mr Tom GOYVAERTS, Major Retd, Former Commanding Officer of the Royal Music Bands of Defence, Treasurer *
2028 Mr Francis PIETERS, Professor Retd., Musical advisor, archivist *
2028 Mrs Geneviève LECHIEN, Administrative Secretary and Concerto magazine *
2027 Mr Eddy De BOCK, Colonel Retd.
2025 Mr. Bruno NEVE de MEVERGNIES, Honorary Ambassador, Honorary (Res) Lieutenant-Colonel
2028 Mr Jean BOTERMANS, Notary *
2028 Mrs Monique DRIESMANS, Honorary Master of Ceremonies at the Foreign Office *
2028 Baron Damien de RADIGUES de CHENNEVIEVE, Honorary Res Capitaine-Commandant *
2028 Mr Kevin WOOLMORE *
2025 Baron Christian Houtart, Honorary (Res) Lieutenant-Colonel
Member on behalf of the function
Mr. Yves SEGERS, Commander, Conductor
Military Address:
Kwartier Cdt de Hemptine, Hertogstraat, 184 at B 3001 Heverlee