United States Marches

CD044 – (1998) 2003 – Available


Direction: Norbert Nozy* et François De Ridder

  • The Star Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith)
  • Washington Grays (Claudio S.Grafulla)
  • Semper Fidelis (John Philp Sousa)
  • The Thunderer (John Philip Sousa)
  • The Washington Post (John Philip Sousa)
  • The High School Cadets (John Philip Sousa)
  • The Liberty Bell (John Philip Sousa)
  • El Capitan (John Philip Sousa)
  • The Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa)
  • National Emblem (Edwin Eugene Bagley)
  • On the Square (Frank Panella)*
  • General Pershing (Carl D.Vandersloot)*
  • The Official West Point March (Philip Egner)
  • Americans We (Henry Fillmore)*
  • American Salute (Morton Gould/arr. Phil Lang)*
  • Yankee Doodle (Morton Gould/arr. Phil Lang) *
  • Midway March (John Williams)
  • Marches from 1941 (John Williams)
  • Symphonic Marches (John Williams/arr. Maurice Hamers)

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