Eux aussi ont écrit pour orchestre à vent

(Francis Pieters, translation by Edgard Vergucht)

Eux aussi ont écrit pour orchestre à vent

They too wrote for wind band
Belgian classical composers and music for wind orchestras

From Ook zij schreven voor blaasorkest by Francis Pieters
Translation by Edgard Vergucht

Updated and revised by the author

A4 format – 210 pages – Only available in french

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The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides
A legendary wind band

(Francis Pieters)

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides - A legendary wind band - Francis Pieters

The Royal Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides – A legendary wind band is a comprehensive book of 532 pages, lavishly illustrated with over 600 pictures, written by Francis Pieters, an internationally acknowledged historian of wind band music, author of nine more books and over one thousand specialized articles dealing with the matter.

The book does not only relate the complete history of Belgium’s oldest professional orchestra but also describes its impact on the musical history of Belgium. The role of this military wind band appears to be, to have been and still is of vital importance as to inciting numerous Belgian composers to write for wind band, setting an example for the countless amateur wind bands of the country (and even abroad), being a most precious link between the Army and the civilian population, offering a fine career to numerous professional wind players and much more.

Also included is a detailed and complete survey of the Band’s quite exceptional discography not equaled by any other wind band worldwide.

Throughout its history the exquisite quality of the Belgian Guides Band (as it has commonly been called) has been praised by numerous great composers ranging from Hector Berlioz to Igor Stravinsky and the Band is still considered as one of the very best wind bands in the world. The author has thoroughly analyzed and described all facets of this wind orchestra since 1832 and aims to make known this part of Belgium’s cultural patrimony on an international scale to all people interested in Belgium’s history and those interested in wind band history in particular.

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Only available in French or in Dutch

La Musique Royale des Guides
Un siècle d’enregistrements

De Koninklijke Muziekkapel van de Gidsen
Honderd jaar geluidsdragers

(Francis Pieters)
A4 format – 300 pages – 180 pictures

Francis Pieters


(Partly in French and in Dutch)


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